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Just plain FUN! (Games & Quizzes)

Just to show that we're not all dry and serious, here's some gratuitous, non-educational, plain old FUN!

    These games were culled for free (and legally!) from the Wonderful Wide Web by our intrepid webmaster.
    You need to have at least a version 4 browser for some of them (most people do anyway), and Java enabled for some (again, most people already do), and the Flash 4 Player for other (you probably do, even if you didn't know it).
    Some games require your computer to have the monitor set to 800x600 resolution (guess what? most people do anyway), so you can see the whole screen.

  • Quiz Show - A multi-player quiz show with all the bells and whistles (well, at least with flashing lights and strange electronic noises). (Java)
  • Snake Pit - That long green thing is a snake, and he has to eat as many mice as he can (without bumping into the walls) - and you have to help him. (Java)
  • Word Search - (Semi-) Educational, this one - find the words from the list in that huge square of seemingly random letters. Now beat the clock, or we won't be impressed! (Java)
  • Tetris - Yes, we know it's an old game, but that doesn't mean it's not still fun. Some things over 5 years old are still fun you know...
  • Firefly - Easy! Simply turn off the fireflies. Aaarghhh! Some of the others switched themselves on! This is not going to be as easy as I thought! (Flash)
  • Scramble - Scramble the picture, and then spend hours trying to get it back to exactly how it was before you were foolish enough to scramble it. (Java)
  • Dress Barbie's Dad - At last, you get the opportunity to dress Barbie's Dad in Barbie's dresses. Drag them out of the closet (excuse the puns!) and drop them on.
  • Mine Sweeper - You may well already have this game somewhere on your computer (if you use Windows), but here it is again in a place where you can actually find it! (Java)
  • Do I have the right stuff?

  • Do I have the right screen resolution?
  • Do I have Java enabled?
  • Do I have Flash 4?
  • Do I have the right browser version?

  • If you don't have a clue what I am talking about, try the games anyway, and if they don't work, you probably don't have something...
    You could try e-mailing the webmaster to see if he can help.

  • Slide Puzzle - A computer version of those frustrating little square games that were so popular several years ago, complete with annoying sound effects! (Java)
  • Easy Sketch - A digital version of that old Etch-A-Sketch you used to play with on long car journeys. (Flash)
  • Ants - Wherever you move the cursor those ants just keep on coming! You can try to avoid them, or let them get you and watch even more ants appear.
  • Bats - Wherever you go, you can't get away from those bats fluttering all around you. Still it's better than ants...isn't it?
  • Ping Pong - A great game of ping pong to test your reactions (and if your reaction is "Boring!" then try another game...). Internet Explorer 4 or 5 only.
  • Colour Mixer - Not really a game at all, but the web-master thinks it is interesting and fun (there again, the webmaster thinks that designing web-sites is interesting and fun...). Internet Explorer 4 or 5 only.

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