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A great game of ping pong to test your reactions (and if your reaction is "Boring!" then try another game...)

You have a choice of "Fast" ("Not Impossible") or "Slow" ("Definitely Not Impossible"). You play the game in a new window which will open miraculously when you click 'Start Slow Ping Pong' or 'Start Fast Ping Pong' below.

In the game area, click 'Serve' to, well, serve, to start the game and every time a point is scored, and move the mouse up and down to move your paddle (the one on the right).

To help you a little more, you are allowed up to 10 "reversals", (which basically means the ball goes back whether your paddle is in the right place or not) when you hit the 'H' key. You can also hit the 'V' key for a vertical reversal (less useful, but you could use it try to confuse the computer player at the last minute).

The game is to 15 points, and if you win we want to know about it!

Start Slow Ping Pong      Start Fast Ping Pong

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