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A multi-player quiz show with all the bells and whistles (well, at least with flashing lights and strange electronic noises).

Click anywhere in the play area (which is loading in that blank space below) to start. Then select the number of players who are going to play, and enter their names in the boxes. Make a mental note of which key is your buzzer (noted to the right of your name). If only there is only one player, you don't need to press the buzzer to answer a question, just select your answer.

If it is your turn to answer, press the letter of (what you think is) the right answer. You will be told right or wrong in no uncertain terms. If you are wrong, the other player(s) can press their buzzers again, and select their answer.

You have 10 seconds to answer - watch the seconds countdown at top right of the play area.

If you answer, but get it wrong, you lose a point, so be careful!

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