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What is Let's Talk? (Program Details)

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What is "Let's Talk"?

Let's Talk educates.

"It's way easier to tell someone who knows what HIV/AIDS is, so after when you tell them they understand better"
(Affected youth)

HIV/AIDS affects children and their families, yet many families are afraid to tell professionals about HIV/AIDS.
Being an "affected child or family" means that someone important to the family:

  • is HIV positive;
  • is living with AIDS; or
  • has died of AIDS.

  • In Canada, the number of affected children, youth and families is growing.

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    Kids Feel...

    Kids feel isolated

    "I often forget that people with HIV/AIDS can be parents too"
    (AIDS Service Worker)

    Children whose loved one is infected often feel "different".
    Many say they cannot tell others, even professionals, that a loved one has HIV/AIDS.
    They usually carry this secret alone.

    Kids feel angry

    Kids FightingAffected kids often say they are angry that HIV/AIDS has come into their families.
    They are also upset by the negative comments others make about HIV/AIDS.
    At times kids act out this anger through risky behaviour, like skipping school, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and stealing.

    Kids feel worried

    "Sometimes I even wake up at night thinking about his virus"
    (Sister of boy with HIV)

    Kids worry about what will happen to their loved ones who are infected.
    They wonder "what will happen to them and me in the future?".

    Kids feel loss

    Grief and loss are are familiar to these kids.
    Change is something they cope regularly.
    Some have had a loved one die.

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    Parents Share

    Talking about disclosure

    "Sometimes it's scary to think about the future"
    (Parents with HIV)

    Parents often want support about if, when and how to disclose HIV/AIDS to their children and others.
    This helps to prepare for unexpected questions.

    Support with parenting

    FriendshipParents sometimes want help in understanding their children's behaviours - which ones are "normal" and expected, and those that relate to HIV in the family.
    Parenting often becomes easier with support.

    Future care planning

    Some parents want information and support about how to make plans for their children's care if they should die.
    This is particularly important for single parents, or families who do not have extended family in Canada

    "We need to feel that we are not alone"
    (Parents with HIV)

    Reducing isolation

    Parents tell us it helps to know they are not alone.
    Parents learn from each other things that only they can know.

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    Want more information?

    For more information on Let's Talk or other Teresa Group services, please call us at (416) 596-7703, fax us at (416) 596-7910, or e-mail us at info@teresagroup.ca.

    Let's Talk and The Teresa Group respects the confidentiality of all it's families.

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    What is Let's Talk? | Books & Stuff | The Serious Stuff | Just Plain FUN! | Click and Go

    The Teresa Group
    Let's Talk is a service of The Teresa Group
    "Serving the needs of children and their families living with or affected by HIV/AIDS"